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Redfish Lake Hike

Boat on the portage rails

Mount Haven from Eutsuk Lake


Redfern Rapids

Pondosy Bay Resort

Surel Falls

Musclow Lake

Chikamin Mountain Summit

Mounta Haven Glacier

Pondosy Lake

Sandcabin Bay

Sand Cabin Bay:

Located approximately 15 km east of the resort, this beautiful white sandy beach is almost out of place in such a remote wilderness area. Over 1 km of white sand and crystal-clear water awaits. It truly is a “must see”. The fine sand and shallow water make this a beach dwellers paradise. The kids will swim here for hours.

On the south end of the beach is a provincial campground. Tent pads, toilets and picnic shelters are maintained by BC Parks. The campground is also the trailhead to Sand Cabin Bluff. A short 15 minute hike and you are overlooking the beautiful beach and meadow terrain.

Pondosy Lake:

12 km to the south of the resort is Pondosy lake. This turquoise colored glacier fed lake is a fly fisherman’s paradise. Stop at the various creeks and cast your spinners or throw a fly. ¬†These silver/green trout don’t get as big as they do in Eutsuk Lake but they are every bit as fun to catch.

With its numerous islands for camping, sheltered waters , spectacular scenery, and world class fishing, Pondosy Lake is a popular destination for canoes and kayaks.

Surel Creek & Surel Falls:

Surel Falls is a must see for all park visitors. From the campsite on the beach it is a five minute hike to the waterfall. The pool at the base of this beautiful waterfall will keep any angler occupied for hours. Continue up the trail another 30 minutes to the scenic Surel lake. Although there are no fish in Surel lake, the mountainous scenery is worth the hike.

Musclow Lake:

Overnight in our satellite cabin on Musclow lake nestled in amongst the snow capped peaks. Enjoy canoeing and world class flyfishing on this beautiful Mountain lake. The cabin is a 30 minute hike from the west end of Eutsuk lake.

Chikamin Mountain Trailhead – Blackwell Pt.:

Blackwell point is the first provincial campsite you come to after crossing the rail Portage. It is the starting point of the Chikamin mountain trail. A less than 4 km hike to Treeline on Chikamin Ridge.

Chikamin Mountain:

It takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to hike the Chikamin trail. Although it is only 3.7 km to treeline, the trail is quite steep in places. Once you are above treeline you enjoy spectacular scenery of the Eutsuk and Whitesail watersheds. Enjoy an abundance of wildlife. The mountain Scenery is

Chikamin Bay Rail Portage:

The rail portage is truly a unique experience for all boaters. A rail cart and track system stretch between Whitesail and Eutsuk Lakes. It is approximately 350 m in length and takes about 30 minutes to cross with the assistance of the park facility operator. The cart will easily handle boats up to 26 feet long with an 8 1/2 foot beam. Some larger boats can be transported but you should contact us for more information. There are winching and park fees payable at the portage. The park fee is $50 per boat for a 14 day stay. Winching fees are $50 per boat each way. The park facility operator is on site from June 15 to September 7. The portage is open prior to June 15 and after September 7 but you will need to hand Winch yourself across.

Redfish Lake Trail:

This trail is approximately 1.6 km in length. Only five minutes from the resort, It is a great opportunity to see some local wildlife and pick some wild huckleberries or blueberries.

Redfern River trailhead:

About 45 km east of the resort is the Redfern river. It flows from Eutsuk lake into Tetachuk Lk. You can hike along the trail on the riverbank and fish the numerous Eddies or enjoy excellent flyfishing at the mouth of the river.


Mt Haven Glacier:

Boat right up to the base of Mt. Haven where the glacial snowpack stretches from the mountain peak right into the lake. ¬†Fill your coolers with fresh snow pack ice to keep your catch cold. This is an experience you don’t want to miss!